Full-Tilt Perversion

The rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with all of His creation that He will never again destroy the earth with a global flood. He initiated this covenant with Noah and his family following the Great Flood. You can read about it in Genesis 9:8-17.

USA White HouseOne truly disturbing aspect of the homosexual movement is that they have co-opted God’s covenant sign to be associated with their perverted lifestyle. Even the Obama Administration has joined in this perversion by bathing the White House, the official residence of the President of the United States, in the colors of the rainbow. I would call this a full-tilt perversion. I understand why it matters so much to homosexuals that the world accept and condone their perversion, but I wonder why this matters so much to the President and to other heterosexual sympathizers. It is particularly disturbing to me that people who call themselves Christians think perhaps God simply overlooks this sort of behavior. Let me warn you: God hasn’t changed His mind about this matter.

Perversion — in case you need enlightening — means using something in a way it was not designed or intended to be used. Sexual activity, for instance, is reserved by God between a single man and a single woman who have entered into a lifelong covenant with each other to love, honor, and support one another and to engage in this sexual activity only with each other until one of them dies. This is the true definition of marriage. To define it any other way is to pervert it, to apply it in a way God never intended. The fact that God has instituted this holy estate of matrimony as one of His very first acts following creation is all humanity needs to know. He didn’t create Adam and Steve; He created Adam and Eve, and from them came all of humanity. The fact that two homosexuals cannot procreate with each other is further proof that they are acting against God’s design and intention.

Since the rest of the world tends to watch and follow the USA’s actions on a great many matters, it won’t be long now before other nations begin adopting the same governmental approval of this perversion. In fact, the country of Ireland actually has the distinction of being the first to adopt approval of homosexual marriage as a nationally-condoned lifestyle (see article at CNS News). Once this contagion of perversion begins spreading around the globe, the end of the age will have fully arrived.

Once Jesus comes on the scene and sets up His own throne for the final 1,000 years before eternity begins, He will rule with a rod of iron (compare Psalm 2:9; Revelation 2:27; Revelation 12:5; and Revelation 19:15). By ruling with a rod of iron, I think it means He will not use the same mild-mannered approach He took during His first coming when He allowed Himself to suffer and die at the hands of evil men. In other words, He won’t govern by democracy; He will rule as the King of kings and Lord of lords forever.

I, for one, can’t wait for that day to come. Until then, however, I will continue to speak against the evils of this present world and warn the wicked to repent. As Jesus preached during His earthly ministry, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17 NKJV). If you aren’t ready for Jesus’ return, there’s no time like the present to get ready!


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