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History Comes Alive in This Amazing True Story

Adobe Photoshop PDFSeptember 3, 2013, Parson Place Press, Mobile, Alabama – How did approximately 600 people pack up their belongings and travel together for about 600 miles from colonial Virginia to the Kentucky frontier during the American Revolutionary War? This amazing true story is chronicled in a masterful blend of historical fiction in a setting of historical fact by veteran author Perry Thomas.

Perry Thomas is the author of more than sixty books, written in two different languages and published under three different names. He has engaged in various forms of ministry in several parts of the world. For the writing of Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road, he did extensive research, making use of little-known primary sources. Other books of his authorship include From Slave to Governor: The Unlikely Life of Lott Cary; Good News from Indonesia: Heartwarming Stories from the Land of the Tsunami; and To Be the First: Adventures of Adoniram Judson. After three decades working with Christian print media in Southeast Asia, he and his wife now live in North Carolina. They have two sons and seven grandchildren. Find out more at

Copies of Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road may be purchased wherever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Just search on ISBN 978-0-9888528-3-9 to find it. To invite Perry to speak at virtually any gathering, contact him via email to

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