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The Be Your Own Publisher Course

I’ve recently completed my latest writing project. It’s a book entitled A Publishing Panacea: How to Be Your Own Publisher in the Digital Age (which I also intend to be the foundation for my Be Your Own Publisher course) for writers who wish to be their own publisher. I’ve just released the book to the public for sale and distribution in both print and eBook for Kindle and Nook. Here’s a brief overview for both the book and the course.

The book is a 150-page primer on how independent publishing can be done using the print on demand (or POD) method and how you can do it, too. It includes instructions for both print publishing and eBook publishing and explains all the primary means and necessary tools for accomplishing both.

I’m also offering this content in a digital course package called the Be Your Own Publisher Package with the potential for “taking it on the road” as a live seminar. Whether or not the traveling seminar ever materializes, you can still order the electronic package online now and begin taking advantage of the course benefits immediately. The digital package contains the Powerpoint slide show material I would present at the live seminar (which serves as a sort of tutorial), so you won’t miss out on any important information. The primary benefit to attending a live seminar would be the face-to-face interaction with me so people can ask clarifying questions and watch hands-on demonstrations for how to do the various tasks. Nevertheless, both the Kindle and Nook eBooks and the Powerpoint tutorial contained in the digital package will enable you to achieve your dream of becoming your own publisher. However, if you run into any major difficulty, you can always use my paid consultative services for personal assistance.

I’m really excited about the prospects for this course, and I can hardly wait for folks to begin using it! I look forward to receiving your order soon. Just click on the Be Your Own Publisher Package link to learn more and to place your order!


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NEW TITLE RELEASE! A Publishing Panacea: How to Be Your Own Publisher in the Digital Age

It has taken a while longer than I intended or expected, but at long last, my latest book, A Publishing Panacea: How to Be Your Own Publisher in the Digital Age, is finally available for purchase! You can purchase both the print and eBook versions from either or, while only the print edition is available at The links are listed below:


Order both Print and eBook editions from


Order both Print and eBook editions from


Order Print edition from


If interested, you can also purchase the eBook version from for only $2.99 with your purchase of the print version there. That’s 50% off the eBook retail price!


Also, if you’d like to consider getting the Be Your Own Publisher course, visit the Be Your Own Publisher site for more details. It includes a slide show tutorial, both Kindle and Nook eBook editions, the Turbo eBook Formatter software, and more as part of the package. I’ll write more about it soon.


Please share this announcement with all your friends, family, and acquaintances so they can take advantage of this opportunity, too. Have a great day, and may God bless you!


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Are Google Ads Sometimes Scams?

Even though I rarely click on the paid search links that Google annoyingly permits at the top of every search results page, maybe you do. If so, I strongly recommend you read the following article before ever clicking on another Google search results link.

Is Google Profiteering From Online Fraud?

Google should be ashamed of themselves for failing to verify all paid search ads before permitting them onto the very top of their search results pages. If they don’t announce that they’ve rectified this problem soon, I will give serious consideration to switching to Bing and Yahoo for my search engine results. Maybe you should, too.