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PC Magazine’s Antivirus Reviews

If you’re looking for trustworthy advice on which is the best firewall and antivirus software to protect your computer(s), both paid and free, then look no further than PC Magazine‘s (PCMAG) antivirus reviews. I rely on PCMAG for their well-tested advice and I highly commend their recommendations to you. Here is a list of the pertinent antivirus reviews they’ve recently published:

“The Best Antivirus for 2014”

“The Best Security Suites for 2014”

“The Best Free Antivirus for 2014”

Be sure to read all pages of the articles, since each one spans across multiple pages. You don’t want to miss a single word.

My Personal Horror Story and Testimonial

Speaking from personal experience, I strongly agree with their evaluation of Zone Alarm’s antivirus. I highly recommend you avoid Zone Alarm’s antivirus software, whether included in a free or paid suite or as a stand-alone. While their firewall is hands down the best, their antivirus leaves you with a false sense of security.

As a highly satisfied user of their free firewall software for several years, I had such confidence in them that I finally decided to buy a multiple license of the Zone Alarm Extreme Security suite, which included their antivirus software, thinking all my computers would be as well protected as possible. It took only one miss of a virus in the winter of 2012 (as I later ascertained from the source of the virus) which was continually missed in regular scans until the summer of 2012 to convince me never to pay to use their software again! I knew something was wrong, but Zone Alarm’s antivirus scans kept assuring me there was no virus found on my computer.

After finally detecting the virus with a deep scan but then failing to restore normal functionality to my computer after removing the virus, I finally had to back up my entire host of user-created files and then re-install my entire OS (not to mention re-installing all my personally-obtained software and catching up on all the Windows updates since I’d bought my computer!). I then uninstalled Zone Alarm Extreme Security and, on the advice of a trusted friend who used to sell computers and their amenities, I purchased McAfee Total Protection. As an intermediate option at the time, I had been using a trial version of Norton Internet Security suite (which came with my OEM installation) until I could decide on which security suite to switch to permanently.

While Norton may have actually been the better choice, I haven’t had another infestation since 2012. In fact, prior to switching to Zone Alarm Extreme Security, I had always used Zone Alarm’s free firewall and AVG’s free antivirus together and had never had a virus during the ten or more years I used them. The only other time I had ever experienced a computer virus was back in 1999, which was the incident that actually prompted me to begin using antivirus protection! Nevertheless, in order to save money and stay well protected at the same time, I’ve decided to take PCMAG’s advice and go back to using Zone Alarm’s free firewall with AVG’s free antivirus together. Because I’ve used both of these free products as a team with such success in the past, I’m ready to trust them again.

My Personal Recommendation

With such effective protection with these free products, why pay my hard-earned money for negligible improvement? Of course, you’ll have to make up your own mind about what you think is best for you.

How about sharing your thoughts and experiences in a comment below? I’d love to hear from you!

 An Update on 4-14-2018

For visually impaired viewers, try browsing this comparison site:


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Now You Can Let Folks Send Your Blog Posts to Their Kindle!

Thanks to John Kremer for tipping me off in his blog post about this terrific new way to share your blog posts with anyone in the world! Anyone who owns a Kindle device can click on this nifty button stkbuttn(once you’ve installed it as a plugin to your WordPress blog site, of course) and add any one of your blog articles to their Kindle device for archival and re-reading at their leisure later, not to mention that they can also share it with their friends and kin. What a way to share your thoughts and ideas! To install this plugin on your WordPress blog site, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Plugins link on the vertical menu at the left of your WordPress screen after logging in to your WordPress blog site
  2. Choose Add New from the extendable menu
  3. After the search box appears, type in Send to Kindle and click on the Search Plugins button at the right
  4. Click on the Install Now link and then click on the OK button after it pops up
  5. When the plugin finishes uploading, click on the Activate Plugin link
  6. Next, click on the newly-installed Send to Kindle link on the vertical menu at the left side of your WordPress screen and choose the settings you prefer
  7. When you’re done, remember to click on the Save Changes button at the bottom or else your settings won’t be saved
  8. If you have the Jetpack plugin installed, you can also add the Send to Kindle button to your social media share buttons

Now select one of your blog posts and click on the Send to Kindle button to try it out for yourself. It’s a blast!