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A Matter of Pride

“Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.”
(Proverbs 16:18 NKJV)

This bit of wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures has been so popularized throughout the millennia since its initial composition that even secularists who reject the idea of God and His holy Word (the Bible) acknowledge its truth and validity. Furthermore, those who eschew the truth of this statement cannot disprove its reality, no matter how vehemently they oppose it. No amount of angry attempts at refutation can succeed. In fact, the very act of attempting to refute it results in the accomplishment of its warning, because arguing against the truth of reality serves only to prove one’s arrogance and foolishness.

Taking this warning a step further, devoting an entire month to the celebration of pride–and pride in something God has pronounced as abominable, at that–will only hasten the consequence of this truth. The steady slide of American and, indeed, global morality over the past 50+ years, at least, has demonstrated God’s divine judgment upon humanity in general, and the United States of America in particular. His prophecies about the Last Days before the culmination of His Plan of Salvation have been fulfilling right and left over these past few years, and everything is falling into place for the final seven years of human government, called the Seven Years of Tribulation, to commence. The time of Jesus’ return for His Church is close upon us, and the time when He will take up His rule over the entire earth will follow soon thereafter.

If you have not acknowledged who Jesus is and what He came into the world to do for you, then you need to understand that time is quickly running out for you to decide whether to accept His offer of salvation. The very first step you must take and, indeed, the only one you can take before you can be saved, is to humble yourself before God. Until you bow humbly before your Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot confess your sins or repent (i.e., turn away) from them, and until you confess and repent of your sinful lifestyle, you cannot be saved from its consequences. If reading these statements makes you angry and resistant to submission to God and His Word (the Bible), then you need to consider the end result of refusing to humble yourself before Him and accepting His offer of forgiveness. In case you are unaware of this result, you will be sentenced to eternal damnation in a fiery place called Hell. Refusing to believe in the existence of Hell does not change the fact of its existence or of your destiny to end up there by rejecting God’s offer of salvation. It’s like denying the existence of the Law of Gravity. Try jumping off a ten-story building and see whether denying the existence of the Law of Gravity prevents you from falling to your death!

If you have been deceived by Satan and one or more of his evil minions that constitute the horde of demons in the universe and have been convinced you were born homosexual, bisexual or a different gender than your physical genitalia obviously show, then consider why God would create you that way and then condemn you for being the way He created you. He simply doesn’t do that. Not only would it be unrighteous, which is impossible for God to be, but it would be illogical, which is just as impossible for God as being unrighteous. Moreover, if you are currently considering gender reassignment surgery, consider this, too: why did God assign your present gender at birth if He really meant for you to be the opposite gender? Does, or can, God make mistakes? Even if His divinity did not prevent Him from making a gender assignment mistake at your birth, can His divinity now prevent Him from correcting His previous mistake? Does He require the help of human sex-mutilation surgeons to correct His mistake? Once your sex organs have been surgically removed, they are gone forever. They cannot be reattached to you later if you change your mind and want to revert to your former gender.

Homosexual, bisexual and transgender ideologies are demonic lies devised by Satan to steer you away from the truth of God and His Plan of Salvation for your eternal soul. As long as you still have breath in your lungs, you can repent of these sins and receive God’s forgiveness for them so that you can spend eternity with Him in His Kingdom of Love, Joy and Peace. Repentance means abandonment of all sins, including idolatry, lying, stealing, blaspheming/profaning God and His name, adultery, and fornication, as well as those aforementioned perverted sexual ideologies, and then redirecting and living your life in accordance with the Word of God (the Bible). Don’t depend on letting someone else, like a pastor, evangelist, Bible teacher, or even me, tell you what the Bible says, but read it for yourself. There’s no better way for you to discover the truth about everything than by reading and contemplating what the Bible says. The final decision ultimately rests with you.


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