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  • My Return from Hiatus

    I can hardly believe it has been nearly five years since my last blog post, although I didn’t completely abandon my blog site during that time. In fact, I spent quite a bit of time setting up my blog store at the end of last year, only to have to redo everything–including my entire blog […]

  • Now You Can Let Folks Send Your Blog Posts to Their Kindle!

    Thanks to John Kremer for tipping me off in his blog post about this terrific new way to share your blog posts with anyone in the world! Anyone who owns a Kindle device can click on this nifty button (once you’ve installed it as a plugin to your WordPress blog site, of course) and add […]

  • Five Important Ways to Boost Your Visibility As An Author

    There are, no doubt, lots more than five ways for authors to gain or improve visibility in the marketplace, but this is what I consider to be a “top five” list of sorts. Any one of them alone may not guarantee success, but putting them all together makes for a pretty effective formula. I’ve tried […]