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  • A Publishing Panacea Receives Favorable Mention from CSPA

    I want to take a moment to thank Sarah Bolme, the director of the Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) and the author of Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace (now in its 3rd edition) for endorsing and featuring my latest book, A Publishing Panacea: How to Be Your Own Publisher in the […]

  • Be Your Own Publisher

    Are you tired of trying to get the attention of a publisher or literary agent? Have you ever wanted to be in control of both the writing and publishing processes? Well, in this wonderfully wild digital age, you can do just that! Want to know how? Well, let me tell you! I’m nearing completion of […]

  • New Book Release: Lifelines by Michael L. White

    To all my loyal readers, family, and friends, I’ve just released my latest book, Lifelines (a collection of my poetry), which I announced some months ago would be forthcoming! You can order it from any number of retailers from my author’s Website at http://books.parsonplace.com/, although because it’s “hot off the press” at the time of […]

  • Five Important Ways to Boost Your Visibility As An Author

    There are, no doubt, lots more than five ways for authors to gain or improve visibility in the marketplace, but this is what I consider to be a “top five” list of sorts. Any one of them alone may not guarantee success, but putting them all together makes for a pretty effective formula. I’ve tried […]

  • Writing Projects

    I’m presently working on three separate writing projects which I hope to have completed soon and ready for publication sometime in 2013. They are as follows: I’ve just finished retyping a collection of my poetry which I’ve been wanting to compile and publish for years. I still have some manuscript formatting to do and I […]