A Sense of Foreboding?

All around the world there seems to be a strong sense of foreboding about the future, but a foreboding of what? Is something BIG about to happen in America and the rest of the world? Current events and anticipated near-future events appear to indicate so.

Bible prophecy preachers like me have been warning people to prepare for the Lord’s return for nearly 2,000 years now, but it seems like some folks are finally starting to pay a little more attention these days than they have at any time since Jesus ascended into Heaven. Why? Could it be because so many of the events prophesied in the Scriptures are finally coming to pass?

Previously, scoffers in America regularly retorted that there have always been earthquakes, pestilences, wars, and rumors of wars, but now those earthquakes, pestilences, wars, and rumors of wars are getting much closer to home. Not only has California continued to experience earthquakes, but in recent years Oklahoma, Washington, D. C., and even Alabama have experienced them, too. Interestingly enough, the Washington Post has also written a story on Alabama’s surprisingly numerous recent earthquakes. If you’re interested in knowing whether your own state has experienced any recent earthquakes, check out the U. S. Geological Survey site for a state-by-state listing.

Besides this inexplicable increase in earthquakes across the U. S., there is also the spread of the deadly Ebola virus all the way from Africa to America and the threat of attacks by ISIS and other so-called lone wolf Muslim terrorists. Is there anything else that should give us pause to reflect and consider? Well, I recently read the following articles which I recommend to you for further insight.

7 Key Events That Are Going to Happen by the End of September

Something Else Coming in September: A UN Resolution Establishing a Palestinian State

U. S. Remains on Perilous Shemitah Course

Instead of an “October Surprise” it looks like the surprise could be coming in September this year. Of course, it could also happen in September of next year (which will be the end of the latest biblical Jubilee), or the next year. . . .

The point is that we must always remain at the ready. Jesus once told His younger brothers, “. . . ‘My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready’ ” (John 7:6 NKJV). He meant that they (and we) could die at any time without warning. Therefore, just because we may be young and healthy right now does not mean we could not be killed in an accident or be diagnosed with a terminal illness later today.

Cover of The Salvation of the LORD by Michael L. WhiteIf you died before your next breath, where would you spend eternity? Are you absolutely certain it would be with Jesus? Do you know what it really means to be “saved” for the Kingdom of God? I explain all of this and much more in great detail in my book The Salvation of the LORD. In it I discuss such pertinent topics as the character of God, the origin of sin, how to live with our sin nature, the lineage of the Savior, the importance and meaning of God’s name and Jesus’ name, the truth about the doctrines of predestination and the unpardonable sin, the final judgment, everlasting life, and how to know you’re safe in the Kingdom of God.

If you don’t have an assurance of your soul’s salvation at this very moment, you don’t have to wait to get my book to be saved. You can ask Jesus to be the Savior of your soul right here and now. It’s as simple and sure as saying this short prayer:

Dear God, I know I’ve sinned against You by violating Your commandments. Please forgive me! I turn away from my sins right now. Please come into my heart by Your Holy Spirit this very moment, guide me into Your truth, and help me to live for You forevermore. Amen!

If you just prayed that prayer with a sincere and humble heart, you can trust God to keep His promise to save your soul from eternal damnation in Hell. Now that you have entered into an everlasting covenant with God by faith, strive to live for Him from now on by obeying His commandments as they are outlined in the Old and New Testament Scriptures of The Holy Bible. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to share your new confession of faith with the rest of the world, please add your comments at the end of this article.



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